Safer Lorry Design Rules Approved by MEPs

New rules to make the roads safer by modifying the design of lorries were passed this week by the European Parliament. As a company that strives to keep vehicles as safe as possible when out on the road, with expert truck maintenance and repair services, we welcome legislation that will lead to improved safety and reduced accidents. So, what will the new rules mean to the industry? Continue reading

Trucks Posing Cyclist Risks Face Ban In London In 2014

As the number of cycling deaths in London increases annually, with 14 occurring in 2013, Transport for London (TfL) and various local authorities are backing a ban on trucks and HGVs that lack safety features that save lives. The ban, which will make side skirts and proximity mirrors a legal requirement, is thought to be implemented as soon as September 2014 through the combined powers of TfL, 32 London Councils and The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Continue reading