All You Need To Know About Fleet Tax Rules For 2015

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We’re all well aware of the government’s move recently this year to abolish the vehicle tax disc – that familiar paper circle popped in our front windscreens is no more, though obviously the rules on payments still remain much the same.

While this is expected to save the DVLA up to seven million pounds in administrative costs, drivers may be unaware of how this transition will affect their responsibilities – particularly if you’re a business owner with a fleet. Let’s have a look at some of these changes and how they will apply in 2015.


While this should be common sense, it is still worth mentioning that fleets will be required to pay Vehicle Excise Duty on each of their units. This has not changed simply because the disc is no longer present. As before, this can be accomplished via telephone, through the online portal or by telephone.

Non-Transferable Tax

As opposed to in the past, a fleet vehicle cannot be sold if taxes still remain to be paid. On the contrary, the new buyer of the vehicle will now be responsible for this tax as soon as they legally take possession of it – tax can’t be transferred any more.

Immediate Taxation

This is another result of the disc no longer being present. Taxes must be filed before they expire; there’s no opportunity for tax payments to overlap due to buying new discs, nor is there any ‘breathing room’ due to displaying an out of date disc – without the disc, all checks are made electronically.

Direct Debit

As of 1 November 2014, fleet owners now have the ability to pay their VED via direct debit. Additionally, this will become an automatic option as long as the vehicle in question still possesses a valid MOT certification. There is no annual surcharge but owners who opt to pay in increments will be subject to a five per cent processing fee.

Trade Plates

Arising from the fact that there are so many vehicles upon the road, the use of these plates has not changed. Still, it is important to note that if a valid trade licence is present, it is not obligatory to display these plates any more.


As mentioned previously, violators can expect to pay fines of one thousand pounds should these rules be violated. This is important to note, for registrations and number plates are being surveyed by camera (as opposed to manually checking with paper discs). It is therefore critical that the proper amount of VED is paid in a timely fashion.

Mobile Fleet Support appreciates that some of these changes may be a bit confusing to drivers. We are therefore happy to answer any additional questions while we still offer out fleet maintenance services that have become so respected within the industry.