Trucks Posing Cyclist Risks Face Ban In London In 2014

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As the number of cycling deaths in London increases annually, with 14 occurring in 2013, Transport for London (TfL) and various local authorities are backing a ban on trucks and HGVs that lack safety features that save lives. The ban, which will make side skirts and proximity mirrors a legal requirement, is thought to be implemented as soon as September 2014 through the combined powers of TfL, 32 London Councils and The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

The ban has attracted support from every authority stakeholder, and it is likely a formal consultation and official legal procedures are on the horizon. The process of implementing the ban will begin in March at the meeting of London Council’s Transport and Environment Committee, where the boroughs come together with the Corporation of London and TfL to discuss current issues.

The Proposed Ban

The proposed ban, which will come into action by the end of the year, will require every vehicle that exceeds 3.5 tonnes to be fitted with safety equipment including side guards and proximity mirrors. The ban will be enforced through roadside inspections as well as CCTV.

Though there is an obvious need to reduce the risks posed to cyclists and pedestrians, the proposed ban has not met universal support. The Head of Urban Logistics Policy, Christopher Snelling, believes the scope of the ban will be a problem for large vans and small HGVs.

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